From the recording One More Road

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Heather and Shannon wrote this one about someone who needs to turn away from the direction they’re going in order to achieve their dreams. We’re sure this applies to many people from all walks of life and has applied to us at various times too.


You Ain’t Going Nowhere Shannon Slaughter / Heather Slaughter
Elite Circuit Music © 2011
Verse 1
Life has a funny way of coming back around
Just as soon as you reach the top you’re falling to the ground
And you don’t feel like trying anymore
Living life but you don’t know what for

You ain’t going nowhere til you leave the past behind
And you realize all the dreams you locked up in your mind
Are just whispers sleeping gently on the wind, time to wake ‘em up and live your life again or
You ain’t going nowhere…
Verse 2
The beauty of this life is it’s not always what it seems
2nd chances come along for broken hearts and shattered dreams
Don’t box ‘em up and think old memories will mend
Looking back ain’t moving on from where you’ve been

Don’t get caught up in yourself trying to find,
Don’t spin your wheels chasing your own peace of mind