From the recording One More Road

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A Dale Felts idea that he and Shannon had a lot of fun writing together. This song is inspired by Shannon’s Daddy (B.R. Sharp) and Papa (Buck Colson), and Dale’s Dad (Gray Felts). There is a little bit of each one of them represented here. Once again Rob’s resophonic guitar playing really makes the song.


Never Let It Slip ©
Dale Felts and Shannon Slaughter / Elite Circuit Music 2011

40 acres and a long, long time ago, my daddy told me what I’d need to know
He showed me how to work and how to live, taught me how to love and give; and why I need to pray
In the back of the field one summer day, a stretch of fence rusted from the rain
When little hands on a set of pliers, let loose a strand of new barbed wire; he taught me a lot bout life that day

He said “Son, don’t trade a dollar for 90 cents; always plow the field to the fence;
When you need water prime the pump, try to drive the tractor ‘round the stump
Let your honor stand on the shake of your hand, look a man square in the eye, and press your grip
And son even when you’re tired, if you’re stretching new barbed wire, don’t ever let it slip

My daddy was the smartest man I knew, he always made a way of making do
Working’s was his only way of life, and though filled with toil and strife, it paid off in the yield
Winter farmers just don’t make any hay, he’d cuss ‘em beneath his breath, then he’d say
Farming is so very simple, when your plow is a pencil, and you’re a thousand miles from the field

He’s been gone now almost 30 years, every now and then I see him through my tears;
When times in my life get mean, on God and his words I lean, and that old graveled voice still speaks to me