From the recording One More Road

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2012 saw the passing of many musical heroes from bluegrass not the least of which was Earl Scruggs. Shannon’s songwriting buddy, Dale Felts, pitched him this line and story about writing a song from the perspective of a banjo. We went with it and included a bit of a historical journey of the instrument as well. Casey reprises several Scruggs instrumentals here…. and there are a few “spacial” guests.. hahaha.


When Scruggs Made Me a Star
Dale Felts / Shannon Slaughter © Elite Circuit Music 2012

My roots run deep in the southern ground, the ships that brought my ringing sound
Carried folks to a foreign sand, chained and bound to work this land

We played songs jigged and danced, bout God and freedom when we had the chance
Under the mossy oaks and pines, whispered of leaving this life behind

I’d been clawed at, even strummed
I’d been frailed, I’d even been drummed
I’d hushed some old guitars
But he showed the world my heart and soul
Laying the thumb to the banjo roll
When Scruggs made me a star – yeah when Scruggs made me a star

I moved on down to Louisian, where I found myself in Dixieland
On to New York’s night time scene; booze and jazz, all in between

Then on to Nashville, Tennessee working on the Grand Ole Opry
A minstrels toy and vaudeville jokes, sure pleased all them opry folks


We forged a brand new bluegrass sound, the fans would come from miles around
They heard Bill and Lester too, timing and tone was what we knew

Foggy Mountain has done fell down, another like Earl will never be found
New tunes won’t be like the old, from the master of the 3 fingered banjo roll

Now I’m a big deal here in the land, the drive in every bluegrass band
I won’t forget my dearest friend, cause I’ll always remember when …

Scruggs made me a star --- yeah Earl Scruggs made me a star