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Never Just a Song – Tim Stafford, Pam Tillis

Shannon – Guitar and Lead Vocal / Heather – Harmony Vocal / Ron I. – Mandolin / Trevor – Banjo / Cliff – Bass and Harmony Vocal / Ron S. – Fiddle

I’ve long admired Tim Stafford for his songwriting and guitar playing. He shares an affinity for Harley’s genius and penned this song, along with Pam Tillis, as a tribute to Harley. In a neat twist, I co-wrote a Harley tribute song with Shawn Lane, All the Things You Do, which found its way on the latest Blue Highway record. This one is a great song and we’re honored Tim and Pam let us have it. We certainly miss Harley Allen. Great mandolin work here on Ron’s part!!


Never Just a Song
(Tim Stafford, Pam Tillis, Daniel House Music, Vibe Room Music, 2011)

You could say he left too early but he never planned on sticking round
He gave Jim Beam a bad name before it put him in the ground
You’d think I’d still be angry, cause he could be more cruel than kind
But me and Jesus forgave him, cause he left those songs behind

Ch) Well he wrote it like it mattered, like it was more than just a song
As if his life depended on it, and that wasn’t far from wrong
It was his only true religion, a calling felt down in his bones
Well he wrote it like it mattered, cause it was more than just a song

Raised up in the crossfire between a sinner and a saint
If he had the makins of a poet, I guess he had them to thank
He made a name and made some money, down on 16th Avenue
But he never found a way, to shake the Wildwood Flower Blues

He was gonna walk his way or walk no way at all
No one could accuse him of ever caring what you thought
What an awful beautiful life, both profound and profane
We’re just lucky he had music, to deal with all the pain