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Back to Birmingham – Shannon Slaughter, Shawn Lane, Heather Slaughter, Dale Felts, Gerald Ellenburg

Heather – Lead Vocal / Shannon Guitar and Harmony Vocal / Randy – Reso Guitar / Ron I. – Mandolin / Tracy – Bass / Ron S. – Fiddle

Good friend and co-writer/publisher Dale Felts brought this idea to us and helped us write it. Through several sessions, including some in South Carolina at a great cabin, we finished it thanks to Shawn Lane and Gerald Ellenburg. Since Heather’s roots are in Alabama, it’s definitely got that feel to it. My favorite vocal track of hers on the record!!!


Back to Birmingham © 2013
Shannon Slaughter, Heather Slaughter, Dale Felts – Elite Circuit Music
Shawn Lane – Cat Town Music
Gerald Ellenburg – Wadako Publishing
Verse 1
A Monday night headliner, at the same old diner, an after midnighter again
The tips here ain’t much, a few ones and such; it’s just enough to live
It’s about closing time, it’s the last call tonight, not many lites left to kill
Then it’s four walls again, same place I’ve been, without any friends, just spinning my wheels

90 miles to Alabama, back where it all began
My roots run deep with the red oak trees
When I need to find who I am, I go back to Birmingham

Verse 2
It’s never far from my mind, what I left behind, I go every time that I can
Back to the place, that has its own way, of showing its face again
Deep in my soul, wherever I go, I always roll with the tide
I’m still the girl, listening to Merle, rocking the world with my southern pride
Chorus –