1. Go Sin No More

From the recording Never Just a Song for DOWNLOAD

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Go Sin No More – Cliff Bailey

Shannon – Guitar and Lead Vocal / Heather – Harmony Vocal / Cliff – Bass and Harmony Vocal / Ron I. – Mandolin / Trevor – Banjo / Ron S. – Fiddle

This is a gospel song written by Cliff Bailey based on the 8th chapter of John; verses 1-11. Thank God for forgiveness and redemption!! Cliff has toured with us in the past and is a great player and singer. He has written a great story here and we were honored to be able to record it. Ron’s fiddle playing was monster on this song, as always!!


Go Sin No More
Cliff Bailey
A woman caught in the act / No getting out it was a fact
A sinner just like you and I / deserved the stone tough way to die

Go on your way / Go sin no more / You’re the one / that he died for
We all fall short / but we’re innocent in his court /
Go on your way go sin no more

Ye sinless cast the first stone / yet not a single one was thrown
One by one the people left / Accepting they had failed his test


No one is perfect no not one / but if you’re saved you are his son
He’s given you a clear way out / A different road a different route