1. Anything

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Anything – Alex Hibbitts / Sarah Scott

Heather – Lead Vocal / Shannon – Guitar and Harmony Vocal / Melonie – Harmony Vocal / Ron I. – Mandolin / Randy – Reso Guitar / Tracy – Bass / Ron S. - Fiddle

This is a song written by another musician who has toured with us in the past, Alex Hibbitts. Alex comes from a musical family and is heavily involved in the industry with performing, recording, and writing. When Heather heard the demo on this one she took to it right away. She is a great ballad singer and her performance here is no exception.


2011 written by Alex Hibbitts and Sarah Scott, Alex Hibbitts Publishing, BMI
verse 1
it wasn't all that long ago
since i almost let you go
when i recognized the look upon your face
the look of one i just dont know
which path to take, which road to go down
and it's just got worse, since you ain't been around

you know how much i love you baby
but i can't live on just your maybes
you know that life ain't been good to me
back up / i've seen that look so many times
and when feel like life has passed you by
and you just need to have you more fling
tell me do i mean anything

verse 2
with so much love inside my heart /that i just don't know where to start /
so i'll just keep it safely locked inside
no i cant prove you've done me wrong /but i've heard so much for so long
that all i hear is the voice inside my mind

come and go your separate way
with never all that much to say
and i begin to wonder why you stay