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There Ain’t No Need to be Lonely – Shannon Slaughter / Bill Castle

Shannon – Guitar and Lead Vocal / Heather – Harmony Vocal / Ron I. – Mandolin / Trevor – Banjo / Tracy – Bass / Ron S. – Fiddle

I called Bill Castle one morning on my way to work to chat and while we were talking I said this line to him in the text of our conversation. I stopped a second and he did too. We both said – “That’d make a good song!” – we had it written in a matter of minutes. We practically finished it before my first period U.S. History class started that morning. It really has a great message!! Thanks Bill, you’re one of the greatest! Great fiddle and mandolin breaks here!


There Ain’t No Need to Be Lonely
Shannon Slaughter / Bill Castle -- Elite Circuit Music / Yonder Hills Publishing

There ain’t no need to be lonely / although your love is gone
Don’t waste what’s left of your one life/ downhearted and all alone

If you have lost that special one oh do not mourn or weep
Thank god for all those yesterdays and memories that you keep

She would not want to see your tears she’d wish for you the best
Just smile at good times that you shared that brought you happiness

Go on and find another love someone who will be true
You know that’s just what she would want while smiling down on you