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Ridin’ the Lightnin’, Ropin’ the Storm – Shannon Slaughter / Dale Felts

Shannon – Guitar and Lead Vocal / Randy – Harmony Vocal / Trevor – Banjo / Ron I. – Mandolin / Cliff – Bass / Ron S. – Fiddle

In 2006, Dale Felts and I wrote Whoop and Ride, which was recorded by the Lonesome River Band on The Road With No End record. It was a tune about a man who got set up by his woman but escaped on his old bay stud horse. Here is the sequel to that story and he still gets away (he ALWAYS will)! Thanks to Dale again for the co-write!


Ridin’ the Lightnin’, Ropin’ The Storm
© 2013 Shannon Slaughter / Dale Felts

Ridin’ the Lightin’, Ropin’ the Storm /
Towed by a whirlwind / hitched to a saddle horn
Me an old bay stud rolling the dice, betting the entire farm
Ridin the Lightnin, Ropin the Storm

That old High sheriff couldn’t catch me
But he sure put up a stout fight
I’d slayed a no good cheating man, but that don’t make killing right
Sheriff chased me an old bay all the way
To the foot of the mountainside
Running free, I gave him the reins and held on tight for the ride

1st Chorus

I stay on the wrong side of trouble
It Keeps trying to pull me down
That old devil just won’t let me be, just keeps on hanging around
Still I keep pressing the southbound wind
Never stopping too long to think twice
Been ropin the storm since the day I’s born / Ridin lightnin all my life

2nd Chorus –