1. Moonshiner

From the recording Never Just a Song for DOWNLOAD

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Moonshiner -- Traditional P.D.

Heather Slaughter - Lead Vocal
Shannon Slaughter - Guitar / Harmony Vocal
Melonie Cannon - Harmony Vocal
Ron Inscore - Mandolin
Trevor Watson - Banjo
Randy - Kohrs - Reso Guitar
Ron Stewart - Fiddle
Cliff Bailey - Bass



I’ve been a moonshiner, for forty long years
I’ve spent all of my money on whiskey and beer

Verse 1
I’ll go up some holler / and sit at my still
There I’ll sell you a gallon for a 2 dollar bill


Verse 2

God Bless all them good men / I wish one were mine
Their breath is more sweeter than dew on the vine

Chorus /

Verse 3
I’ll go to some barroom / and drink with my friends
There no one will bother / or see what I spend

Chorus /