"Trevor has been one of my favorite banjo players for 25 years.  He is such a talented musician!  He can play almost any style on the banjo and that's a real asset to our sound." ~~~ Shannon

Trevor Watson comes from a musical family and was indoctrinated into the world of bluegrass at an early age.  He began playing banjo at age 8 when his Dad built him a small-scale banjo.  He became a cast member at The Carolina Opry in Myrtle Beach after graduating from Virginia Tech, then joined Lou Reid & Carolina in 2003 where he continues to be a band member.  He also filled in with the Seldom Scene for about 6 months before Ben Eldridge officially retired.

Trevor has been friends with Shannon since his college days and they have always enjoyed playing music together.  He and Shannon played a 4-year stint together with Lou Reid's band.  Trevor has also recorded and played several shows with Shannon, since he started his solo career.